When Facing Criminal Charges The Lawyer You Choose Matters

The words “Innocent until proven guilty” are well known to any American and for good reason, they are the backbone of our justice system, the foundation upon which all other privileges of United States citizenship stand. As In any country, you may be accused of a crime here, but unless tested before a jury of your peers and guilt proved beyond a reasonable doubt, you will remain innocent and free and whole…..in theory.

We want to believe that American justice is blind, but it is not. We dream that our justice system treats all criminal defendants fairly, but we know better. If you are suspected of or charged with a crime you need a good lawyer, one experienced in criminal defense, one who understands how the system really works and who is committed to fighting for you. You need the lawyers at Socal criminal law.

In your typical case, law enforcement will receive a complaint about you. Someone told them something that you supposedly did wrong, either to the complainant or to another or to society as a whole. The law enforcement officer will ask for details and may interview other witnesses. This will all happen before any attempt has been made to get your side of the story. Conclusions will be drawn, and in most cases not favorable to you. The officer then may attempt to interview you, but if he does it will often be to lock down a confession. Many times he will simply proceed with filing charges.

Absolutely real

If you find yourself in this situation it is imperative that you hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible, it is advisable that you contact Socal criminal law.

The lawyers at Socalcriminallaw.com know how the process works from a real-world perspective. Once hired we will immediately investigate your case and begin advocating on your behalf. Your side of the story will be heard. We will reach out to law enforcement and educate them about what really occurred, and will negotiate a potential resolution. If charges are filed we will file motions on your behalf and will thoroughly evaluate the state’s evidence. We will appear with you at every stage of the proceedings, will actively move to restrict irrelevant or prejudicial evidence, and will build an aggressive defense that will give you your best chance at acquittal.