The Center For Artificial Disc Replacement

Disc replacement surgery is an option for patients with chronic back pain. The procedure replaces the damaged disc in the spine with a specialized metal or plastic disc that will provide relief from pain. The surgery involves an incision on the abdomen or back to expose the spine. The surgeon presses two metal plates into the endplates of the vertebrae. The surgery usually takes two to three hours. In most cases, the patient can return to a light level of work within two to three weeks.

Before the surgery, the doctor may recommend that the patient take medication, undergo a physical therapy session, or undergo a series of injections to help treat the pain. Once the surgery is over, the patient will be instructed to take a few days to rest and regain strength. A physical therapist will teach the patient how to get in and out of bed and perform other tasks independently. The therapist will also teach the patient how to walk without twisting.

Disc replacement surgery is a good option for patients who have persistent pain from degenerative disc disease. The procedure allows patients to return to a more normal life with lower levels of pain and increased mobility. It is also a good alternative to spinal fusion surgery.

Disc replacement surgery is a safe procedure that is performed in an outpatient setting. It can cost as little as $25,000 to as much as $70,000. It requires a few days in the hospital, but patients can often return to light work duties within three months. The surgery is performed by a spine surgeon or a vascular surgeon, and it is often performed with anesthesia. The total surgery time is based on the number of spinal discs to be replaced.

Before the surgery, the doctor may want to perform some tests to determine the health of the spine. These tests may include X-rays, MRIs, and bloodwork. A doctor will also perform an evaluation to determine the best disc replacement for a patient’s condition. The patient should have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, have responded to at least six months of nonsurgical care, and have no pre-existing spinal instability.

The Disc Replacement Center has become a global destination for people searching for motion-saving solutions. The center has performed over 3,000 disc replacement surgeries since it opened its doors in 2014. It has also performed the first ADR in 2014. The center’s patient satisfaction rating is consistently 98%. The center has never had a surgical infection associated with the surgery.

The Center for Artificial Disc is on the forefront of scientific and technological advances. The center provides the Artificial Disc Newsletter, which provides expert commentary on current research, news, and advancements in the field of artificial disc replacement. The center also offers robotic spine surgery, a future-forward approach to aging management, and solutions for bone health. The center has additional locations in Tampa and Austin.

The ADR Spine Restoration Center is a leader in the field of spinal surgery. The center’s founder, Dr. Lanman, is a pioneering spinal neurosurgeon who has decades of experience in the field of advanced disc replacement. He has also helped celebrities and professional athletes regain mobility and relieve their back pain. For more information visit their website at… Read the rest

The Process of Having a Strong and Healthy Spine for Life

The spine is the most vital part of the body. It protects us throughout our entire lives and gives us mobility and functionality. However, not all people are lucky to have a spine that is healthy with strong ligaments and muscles. In fact, many people suffer from back problems which can be one of the leading causes of death in America each year. With the help of, you can understand how to have a strong and healthy spine for life.

Structure of the Spine

Before we talk about spinal health, it’s necessary to understand what the spine is. The spine is the individual vertebrae that form a protective network of bone. There is 7 cervical (neck) vertebrae, 12 thoracic (upper back) vertebrae, 5 lumbar (lower back) vertebrae, and 5 sacral or sacrum vertebrae. You may think that since you can see them, your spinal column would be strong. However, this is not the case. The spine is a highly flexible structure that is made up of a series of bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae are separated by intervertebral discs. The Intervertebral disc is a soft cushion between the vertebrae and helps to absorb shock and weight from the upper body. This may not be what you think it does, but it literally gives life to your body.

How Artificial Disc Replacement Can Help

Artificial disc replacement surgery is a medical procedure that can be performed on the spine to help with painful and debilitating back pain. It is an effective way to relieve pain caused by degenerative disc disease and other spinal problems. The disc replacement surgery is a highly invasive procedure that involves removing damaged, worn-out or herniated intervertebral discs from the spine and replacing them with artificial devices (i.e., plastic or metal implants) that are typically made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). Once the surgery has been performed, the artificial discs will act like normal discs but with improved performance. With the help of a healthy spine, your body functions are enhanced.

Since there are many different kinds of spine problems, it is important to find out what kind of spine problem you may have. Some of these problems include degenerative disc disease and scoliosis (curvature of the spine). These are some common issues that can be addressed by artificial disc replacement surgery. These procedures are highly invasive and should only be performed by a qualified surgeon who specializes in the spine. These procedures can be extremely painful and expensive, but the end result will help you to live a pain-free life.… Read the rest

Why do You Need to Hire a CPA Firm?

A certified public accountant or CPA ensures that your money is secure and your financials are in perfect order. It might appear that you can do your accounting for yourself. But the benefits of hiring a CPA far outweigh the fee paid to CPA. 

The CPA provides public accountancy services with its team of certified accountants. We provide assistance incomplete tax, financial and business affairs. The following guide provides you the reasons why you need to hire a CPA firm.

1. Saves your time and money.

A CPA firm handles the bookkeeping for your business. You need not learn the business or financial accounting related to bookkeeping. It saves your time from learning and understanding business accounting.

CPAs can do all your complex business accounting easier and faster. They can simplify your business processes and save your precious time.

They help to save tax money and guide you with cost-cutting measures in your business. You can get reports of unnecessary expenses that need to be avoided. They keep track of timely payments to avoid penalties and issues that arise due to nonpayment.

2. Improve accuracy.

Business accounting needs to be accurate in your company’s financial records. CPAs handle accounting and keep them accurate and efficient by maintaining your company books. 

They can detect the smallest errors and meticulously maintain the accuracy of your accounts. This can help you in making reliable finance decisions for your business.

3. Avoid legal issues.

You can avoid many legal anomalies when you hire a CPA firm. They keep track of all the activities in systematic order and present all proofs and ledgers when needed. They have a complete understanding of the accounting laws and prevent your business from any legal complication.

4. Make critical business decisions.

You can rely on CPA firms for strong knowledge in business accounting. You need professionals with expert knowledge in accounting to make sound financial decisions. They also ensure if your business moves are right for the company. CPA professionals crunch numbers and show you results in simple forms that help you to make wise business decisions.

5. Handle the taxation process.

CPAs help you to handle your complete taxation process. They keep themselves updated with current tax laws to protect your business assets. As tax laws are ever-changing, it is not possible for you to know these changes and refine your business processes. Hiring a CPA helps you in filing taxation, professional advice, negotiate deals with the IRS and guidance in these tax laws.

6. Create a new business plan.

When you need to start a new business you need to create a new business plan. Your CPA can help you create a new and accurate business plan as they keep track of your complete accounting. It is very important to prepare the financial sections with accurate data. CPA firms can help you record all the financial details in the business plan that a potential investor would like to see.

You can contact CPA in Los Angeles for all your tax planning, tax preparation. We also help you in financial planning, investment review, record keeping, and bookkeeping. You can reach us via a phone call or filled online request form at… Read the rest