My Review on The Best Chef Knife In the World

I have been using my Victorinox 8-Inch Chef Knife for almost five years now as I bought it when I was in college. Sadly after many cooking adventures with it, I decided to look for a knife that is known to be the best chef knife in the world. If you’re wondering which knife I’m talking about, it’s the Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef knife. This German knife has been listed number 1 on many knife review blogs so I thought I should try it out. 

best chef knife

It was hard to believe at how great this chef knife was. There were many great video reviews on youtube, 5-star reviews on amazon as well as knife blogs. The first week my Wusthof arrived, I noticed many differences between both of my chef knives. The handle is the most obvious. The Victorinox which has a Fibrox handle and no bolster is much lighter than the Wusthof.

This German chef knife has a full tang and the handle is secured to it with three rivets. The additional of the bolster is what I think gave it more weight. It’s not extremely heavy till you feel uncomfortable. It has the perfect balance for you to carry out your kitchen task happily. I find myself using my Victorinox for lighter tasks such as peeling and chopping vegetable.

I’m impressed with the condition of the blade as I have forgo the drying process after washing them many times. However, with the price that I bought them with, I won’t be repeating my mistake any longer as I would like them to last longer. The edge of the blade is also razor sharp. Since my grandmother loves to cook with me, she says she prefers my Victorinox because it’s much lighter and easy for her to grip on. I’m happy that she uses my Victorinox as I wouldn’t want her to accidentally cut herself with the Wusthof.

My Verdict

True to the reviews, I would give a 5-star rating to the Wusthof for it’s durability, sharpness as well as the weight. To use this knife, you should have a good grip as it is extremely sharp and I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself. This knife also comes with a lifetime warranty so you don’t need to worry about spending more money on a new knife.

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